My portfolio of witty content marketing

Aditya Khanduri
4 min readFeb 27, 2018


I worked at as a content marketeer, and took care of all brand and content strategy, right from the brand and design guidelines, website, to blogs, social media, PR and Emails. I also did content marketing for a few clients as a freelancer, where I wrote content for websites and blogs.

In most cases, I provide the concept idea and the content details. Later, I work closely with (very talented) design interns to bring the concepts to life. Here is a list of some of my top works which I am proud of:

What if classic Bollywood dialogues were delivered with a modern touch?

Product Journey for TheStylease

How would different types of ‘Majnu’ and ‘romeo’ ask out an AI bot?

Life Ambition vs College Year

What if you Uber driver is Rahul Gandhi, Modi or Kejriwal?

Newton’s Laws of referral

Insirational Quotes by Furniture items at your home



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